Episode 8 : The Plan Part 2 Full HD

Episode 8 : The Plan Part 2 Full HD

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Episode 8 : The Plan Part 2

Actress : Amber M. Rosa G, Milly J, Sienna A and Marjara P.

We are proud to announce our latest release, Episode 8 : The Plan Part 2.

Following from The Plan Part 1. Pink Pixie have successfully put Kara under mind control, Tweedledee and Caracal formulate a plan to put Kara off Pink Pixie control. The pairs uses drug to induce Kara to fight with her inner demons.

After a successful run, Kara regain her consciousness and once again team up with Tweedledee to try to uncover Pink Pixie's latest evil plan. However, this time, Pink Pixie is not alone on her plan, she enlisted another villain, Dark Phoenix to be her sidekicks, and when the Superheroes going to confront Pink Pixie, they fall into the trap laid by Dark Phoenix

Continue on The Plan Part 3 (to be release June/July 2019)

Available in Full HD (1920x1080 @ 10000 mbps) and 4K (3840x2180 @ 40000 mbps)

Movie Length : 32 minutes 56 seconds

Size : 2.4GB (Full HD)