Episode 6 : Aftermath Part 1 FHD

Episode 6 : Aftermath Part 1 FHD

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Starring  : Amber Moore, Emelia Jones, Rosa Salvatore, Monique Brady, Gaby Mcdonald


Plot : After the failed rescue, the superheroine team regroup, Kara (Amber) and Tweedledee (Rosa) went back to the headquarter to investigate further. There, they were ambushed by Pink Pixie (Emelia).

Pink Pixie was no match for Kara, however, just as Kara and Tweedledee getting somewhere with Pink Pixie, Pink Pixie was saved by a henchwoman dressed in Caracal uniform. Kara fight and defeated the henchwoman, Kara unmasked the Henchwoman, it turns out it is Dragonfly (Monique) and Dragonfly is able to use her power of time shifting to defeat both Kara and Tweedledee. On order, Dragonfly carry Kara back to the Collector (Danielle).

Quality : 1080P (1920x1080 @ 8000 bps)
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Length : 33 minutes 43 seconds
Size : 2.37Gb