Episode Agent Caracal 2 : Rescue Op FHD

Episode Agent Caracal 2 : Rescue Op FHD

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Title : Episode Agent Caracal 2 : Rescue Ops

Starring : Rosa S, Emelia J, Lauren T, Laticia P, Zoe K, Monique B, Ophir F, Ashlyn M and Isabella M.

Plot : After a long search, Tweedledee and co finally located the whereabout of Kera. Outside where Kera was held, Tweedledee decided to go in alone and trigger a fight that eventually being defeated by Pink Pixie.

Before Pink Pixie kills Tweedledee, Nightshade show up and rescue both Tweedledee and Kera from Pink Pixie, Tweedledee left behind to take care of the unfinish business with Pink Pixie while Nightshade bring Kera to the safehouse reunited with her sister, Kara.

However, it turns out to be a plot to draw all of them into the open by the unseen character "The Collector" she ambush Kera at the safe house with Dragonfly, another heroine turn into bad guy, The collector waste no time to convert Kera. And then bring her back to her hideout.

Tweedledee and Night Shade return to the safehouse and found Kera missing. At the same time, they were met with Caracal Squad who try to track down the collector. Tweedledee and Nightshade depart from Caracal squad and go after the Collector, while Caracal Squad try to locate Kera and rescue once again.

The Caracal successfully located the location of which Kera is being held, a sight of a turned Dragonfly taking Kera hostage is what greeting the team, what worse is that the same figure had reprogram Kera, along with Dragonfly and ambush the Caracal.

Caracal was captured, Dragonfly and Kera hatched a plan, they are going to dress up as the Caracal to commit crime in the city and put the city in turmoil, not knowing who to trust, the city would have to disband the whole superhero organisation and giving the criminal a free reign of the city.

This plan is perfect, just one flaw, the criminal syndicate did not factor in a double agent is already embedded within its rank, and when she arrive back at where the Caracal is being kept, she free them, and our heroine, forced to take over their turned heroine partner identity, was now the most wanted women in the city, they will have to survive on their own, and have to deal with not only the criminal, but the city themselves.

The Film is released now.
Movie Length - 67 minutes
Cast and Crew Interview - 23 minutes
File Format - WMV
File Size - 3.1 GB
Video Format - 1080p Full HD with 6000 kbps bit rate