Credit Card Check Out and Fraud Prevention

HI guys,


I am excited to announce that we are once again receiving direct credit card payment, for those of you who don't know, Credit Card payment were suspended because of on-going fraud activities. And now we have finally resolved the issued by having 4 layers of protection.

1st Layer.) CVV verification

Each card have a CVV, its in the back of the card, so if you do not have the physical card, You would not know about the CVV. 

2nd Layer.) Address/Postcode reconciliation 

Each card have a registered address, and each card and address (and/or its postcode) have to match now before your check out, Otherwise your order will not go thru.

3rd Layer.) This business is registered with NSW Police Business Scamwatch Program. All fraud activities will be reported to NSW Police Force for investigation. NSW Police Force will notify local jurisdiction for investigation on related fraud activities, how do we know where fraudster are? That's where the 4th Layer comes in

4th Layer.) IP recording.

Each buyer will now have their IP recorded, and will be pass on to NSW Police for investigation once that IP is related to a Fraud case, each IP Address is unique to its location, and all personal information will be pass on to NSW Police Force for any fraud investigation.

Be a superhero, say no to online Fraud.